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Platinum Capital Asset Management specializes in Portfolio Diversification through alternative investment strategies.

We are committed to identifying, creating and providing innovative investment ideas and strategies.

We start by working closely with each client to identify his or her long-term goals, risk tolerance, market dynamics and tax consequences. By doing this, we have a much better understanding of the nature of their existing asset base. We are now able to develop a long term asset allocation and implement an appropriate strategy tailored to their specific investment objectives and financial needs.

We then review each client's portfolio on a regular basis to evaluate the possible adjustments that may be
needed due to economic changes and market trends.

Our individual clients are able to take advantage of Non-Correlated Investment Strategies such as Managed Futures.

With all of the challenges that exist in today's investment landscape, Managed Futures can potentially offer the opportunity to reduce downside exposure to stock market sell offs and political uncertainty by providing a diversification method for your investment portfolio.


Understanding Alternative Investment Strategies
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Disclaimer: This video is produced by CME Group Inc. and believed reliable by the author, but no guarantee is being made relative to the same. The source of information is entirely responsible for the content. The information contained in this video reflects statistics through 2009 and has not been updated to reflect market data to the present date. The definitive source for all CTA information is the CTA disclosure document.


There is a substantial risk of loss trading futures & options regardless of who is managing money.
Managed Futures may not be a suitable investment for all investors.
Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.




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